Create the Rich life space & Comfortable working environments

Our company established as a manufacturer of the manufacturing equipment of "Tatami" that has close ties to Japan Housing in 1948. Since consistently , "Labor saving and automation of the work that the workman has done by the hand" is assumed to be a concept, and it tries to develop original goods.
The business manufacturing equipment of the tatami and the sliding door, the interior construction labor saving equipment, the curtain sewing equipment, and the personal computer software of the industry, furthermore, development, manufacturing, sales, and the business of the food equipment has been expanded now.
The one having been supported by various craftsmanship is not negligible in our familiar living space and food field. However, the needs for new craftsmanship in each field site are increasing that corresponding improved productivity, improvement orientation at the workplace environment, and furthermore shortage of workman etc.The product of Kyokuto Sanki Co., Ltd. cast such needs into shape.